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Physical therapy

Physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system | Musculoskeletal pain treatment

Such as lower back and neck pain and arthritis. Physiotherapists apply different treatment techniques such as applying hot or cold compresses, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, exercises, and stretching to increase function and strength. Our therapists educate the patient about proper posture and prescribe a customized home exercise program.

Sports injuries

We have fully equipped specialists to treat sports injuries and relieve pain. Our team uses different treatment methods such as electrical nerve stimulation, hot/cold compresses, manual therapy, muscle strengthening, and tendon stretching based on a program of exercises specifically designed to restore correct posture and facilitate the return to normal activities.

Post-stroke physical therapy

People with stroke or other neurological conditions require complex and precise neuromusculoskeletal control to accomplish ADL activities such as walking, bathing, and housekeeping. Our physiotherapists can use various state-of-the-art techniques and therapeutic exercises to enhance performance and motor learning.

Women’s health

Our physiotherapists offer customized programs during pregnancy and postpartum to restore your figure and strengthen your muscles, as well as maintain pelvic health by treating symptoms of incontinence, uterine prolapse, and pelvic pain.

Pediatric physical therapy

For patients with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and peripheral nerve injuries; Physiotherapists assess the stages of motor development, nervous reaction and maturity, motor coordination, and voluntary motor ability of the child. Then, an intensive rehabilitation program was conducted to reduce the negative effects of the disability and restore the child to his life and his natural or semi-natural ability.

Physical therapy for the elderly

We are very interested in providing physiotherapy sessions for the elderly, as it helps them to overcome the complications of aging and helps them to practice daily life activities flexibly as it was in the past.

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